Enhance Your Mind, Body And Spirit At The RADIANT LIVING Kriya Yoga Meditation Retreat

This year, the RADIANT LIVING: Kriya Yoga Meditation Retreat will be held from July 25-27, 2019, at the CSE Temple of the Eternal Way in San Jose, California.

This much-anticipated, twice-yearly retreat is being led by Yogacharya Ellen Grace O’Brian, with other CSE teachers who will be leading individual workshops and breakout sessions.

Read more below, and learn about this event.

Kriya Yoga – Filling Your Life With Abundance

At the heart of Kriya Yoga is the ideal of true abundance – of spiritual fulfillment. In our modern world, we’re bombarded with messages telling us that we need “more.” Buy more. Work more. Have more. Do more.

But why do we have so much – yet feel so empty and unfulfilled? Because true abundance and fulfillment can only be found in awakened self-realization. One of the fundamental principles of Kriya Yoga is balancing artha, or “wealth” with dharma, the goal of living a meaningful life of higher purpose.

For a truly abundant life, you must balance both of these things, and learn this: that individual prosperity cannot be separated from the good of all. For more information about Kriya Yoga principles, you can take a look at these two blog posts from Yogacharya Ellen Grace O’Brian.

Attend The RADIANT LIVING: Kriya Yoga Meditation Retreat To Learn More!

If you’re interested in attending Kriya Yoga philosophy, practice, and meditation sessions, and learning more about the philosophy of Yogacharya Ellen Grace O’Brian, the RADIANT LIVING: Kriya Yoga Meditation Retreat is the ideal opportunity.

To learn more about registering and attending, please visit this link. We recommend signing up early to ensure you secure your spot at this unique retreat.

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