A Single Blade of Grass: Finding the Sacred in Everyday Life


A collection of inspirational messages, A Single Blade of Grass is an intimate journey into the challenges and deep joys of living in close communion with God. Every inspiration is a stepping stone along the path of personal discovery, offering fresh insights on many topics essential to the spiritual life such as contemplation, inner guidance, contentment, and surrender.

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A Look into the Heart of Truth

Each passage in this collection is a window through which we may glimpse our divine identity. Gathered from her many years of interfaith service, Ellen Grace O’Brian shares with us the wisdom of a life dedicated to discovering the one Truth behind all faiths.

To read A Single Blade of Grass is to eavesdrop on the dialogue between soul and Spirit: ” Stop. Be Still, ” the heart whispers. “There in no God that is separate from you.”

Spirituality is not something that is attained. It is not a possession – a thing to add to our many things. Nor is it an answer – a panacea for the struggle and pitfalls of life. Nor is it the knowledge that one can learn or unlearn. Spirituality is simply who we are. It is reality. When we slough off all the things we are not, it is spirituality that remains.
– from A Single Blade of Grass

Every serious seeker whose soul yearns to comprehend God will find Ellen Grace O’Brian’s A Single Blade of Grass an exquisite inspirational and helpful guide. She presents spiritual truths with diamond clarity and practical simplicity of one who has had experiences of God in everyday life.
Judith Cornell, Ph.D., author Amma: Healing the Heart of the World, and Mandala: Luminous Symbols for Healing

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