Live the
Eternal Way

The Art and Practice of Self-Realization

Are You Ready to Live Fully, Live Well,
and Awaken to your Full Potential?

“Decide. Decide you will fulfill your highest potential…
Every day is a chance to wake up. Every day is a chance to live the divine life.
To do it consciously, we must decide.”

- Yogacharya O’Brian

There is divine potential in the heart of every person that awaits our recognition and cooperation. Once we discover this innate potential, what was once a deep yearning becomes the dynamic cause that inspires us to live in the highest way. We can all know why we are here, how to fulfill our divine destiny and experience lasting happiness.

Engage in this six-part course with Yogacharya O’Brian and learn how to meditate and live by spiritual principles. This coursae, based on the science of Self- and God-realization of Kriya Yoga, will provide the method, practices, and philosophy that will facilitate the direct encounter with your divine Self that will transform your life.

Establish a spiritual foundation for healthy, happy, prosperous living

Realize your divine potential and fulfill your worthy dreams

Discover the secret of true success and supportive relationships

Change your mind, change your consciousness, change your life!

Learn to meditate and to live by the spiritual principles that will enrich your life, support your ability to awaken to your innate divine potential and thrive in every area of your life. The time-tested skills for meditation and healthy living taught and practiced in this course will transform your body, your mind, and your life.

“What you are is much greater than anything or anyone else you have ever yearned for. God is manifest in you in a way that God is not manifest in any other human being. Your face is unlike anyone else’s, your soul is unlike anyone else’s, you are sufficient unto yourself; for within your soul lies the greatest treasure of all—God.”- Paramahansa Yogananda

Live the Eternal Way!
guides you through an immersive six-week experience of spiritual living.

The Philosophy, Practice, and Promise of Kriya Yoga

Learn the time‐tested teachings of Kriya Yoga that can purify the mind and body and eliminate any obstacles to Self‐ and God‐realization.

Superconscious Meditation for Spiritually Awakened Living

Experience the Self that is beyond thought activity through the practice of Superconscious meditation.

Five Practices for Loving Relationships

Transform the ego into a transparent, luminous vehicle for the higher true Self and come into healthy relationship with others, and with our world.

Five Practices for Spiritual Awakening

Learn five practical tools for developing the essential skill of Self‐referral that can lead to a joyous fulfilled life.

Four Aims for a Fulfilled Life

Examine the four aims of life that help us to become both spiritually aware and worldly wise, and contribute to living with balance, integrity, and joy.

The Way of Discipleship

Explore the universal nature of discipleship that arises when the yearning for liberation becomes our predominant urge and we are ready to fully embrace the awakened life of Self‐realization.

Living the Eternal Way

Spiritual Meaning and Practice for Daily Life

is a foundational text for the course. Lessons and practices with Yogacharya O’Brian will delve deeper into the teachings found in her book.

About the Author

Yogacharya Ellen Grace O’Brian is a western woman who teaches the riches of Indian philosophy in a fully accessible and inspiring way for newcomers and longtime practitioners alike. Ordained by Roy Eugene Davis, a direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda, she has been leading meditation retreats for more than three decades.

She is a spiritual teacher, writer, poet, and the spiritual director of Center for Spiritual Enlightenment—a Kriya Yoga Meditation Center with headquarters in San Jose, California. She teaches nationally and internationally and has received several community service awards, including the Mahatma Gandhi Award for the Promotion of Religious Pluralism.

Along with her service as a meditation teacher and esteemed Yogacharya, Ellen Grace O’Brian is the Founder of Carry the Vision, a community nonviolence educational project bringing meditation instruction to staff and children in schools, the prison population, and other segments of society.

What you get with your Live the Eternal Way Enrollment

Instructional Videos

Weekly video instruction with Yogacharya O’Brian sharing teachings and philosophy of Kriya Yoga for awakened living. View and study at your convenience to guide you throughout the course and establish a vibrant spiritual foundation for your life.

Guided Practice Video and Audio Recordings

Weekly video practice sessions with Yogacharya for time-tested, universally applicable spiritual practices to awaken your heart, purify your mind, and enhance your wellbeing. View and practice throughout the course to deepen your experience of the teachings.

Weekly Study Guide

Every week, along with the course videos, you will receive a PDF study guide to support you with practical information about how to apply spiritually-based principles for an awakened, fulfilled life.

Learning Community

Participate in an exclusive private forum with faculty and other Live the Eternal Way learners to support and enrich your journey.

Make a Difference

Your tuition for the course provides funding for free How to Meditate classes for others in need through the nonprofit organization, Center for Spiritual Enlightenment. Your enrollment will bless others in infinite ways.

Study Anytime Anywhere

Work comfortably at your own pace, on any device through your private dashboard. Or, download lessons as PDF docs for offline study. It's up to you.

What students are saying

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"Live the Eternal Way has offered me the opportunity to learn how to live skillfully and in accordance with timeless spiritual practices. Yogacharya O’Brian speaks with encouragement and offers instruction about lifestyle changes that lead to powerful positive transformation."
Jessica Westbrook | Ayurvedic Health Counselor
"Live the Eternal Way course provided me with the necessary support and structure for exploring a life of higher purpose. It helped me to learn how to integrate and practically apply the mysticism of ancient spiritual truth into the fabric of my daily life with simplicity, balance, and patience."
Daniel Miguel Duarte | Educator
"Live the Eternal Way came at a pivotal moment in my life. I clearly remember Yogacharya O’Brian asking the question, “Are you living in alignment with your values?” At the heart of my answer was a deep calling to begin living my highest life. Throughout the class, I was given clear tools for how to discern what it is for me to live in alignment with my values and how to actualize that in my life."
Claire Hayes | CPA

"In Live the Eternal Way, Yogacharya O’Brian offers ancient teachings, spiritual inspiration, and practical applications that can support a life of peace, love and wholeness. Yogacharya has a beautiful way of expressing and explaining life principles that can enhance a seeker’s clarity and transformation."

Dr. Paula Whang-Ramos | Psychologist

"Studying with Yogacharya O’Brian is like taking a journey into a familiar but unknown place, where you eventually discover that you are already home. She is a superb teacher! Live the Eternal Way has supported me to learn how to arrange conditions in my life so that I can thrive in every way as I live in harmony with my soul and make a positive contribution in our world."

Sylvia Lunt, M.Div. | Meditation Teacher

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  • Course Access: Lifetime
  • Six Weekly Multi-Part Sessions and Practices

“Seek and you will find.” “Knock and the door will open.” These familiar words of encouragement have been spoken through the ages in various ways by spiritually awake individuals. Those who have experienced the full potential of spiritual realization reveal to seekers of truth the accessibility and the nearness of enlightenment. “The kingdom/queendom of heaven is within you.” “The Tao is hidden but always present.” Shining like precious gems hidden in a cave, the priceless treasure of spiritual wisdom awaits our discovery.”

- Yogacharya O’Brian, Living the Eternal Way

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